COVID-19 Updates and BCP

COVID-19 Updates and Business Continuity Plan

(Last updated on May 13, 2020)

With the COVID-19 pandemic evolving at a rapid pace, CommFront has taken extra precautions to ensure its services to Essential Global Supply Chain (e.g. government sectors, medical centers, infrastructures, buildings, factories, energy plants, and laboratories) remain uninterrupted, and its global branches remain fully operational. We want to provide our customers and partners a brief updates on our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and what that means for you.

CommFront's BCP

CommFront takes COVID-19 concerns very seriously and it has taken extra precautions to assure the safety and health of its employees, partners, and clients:

  • While our global branches remain fully operational, most of our employees work remotely from home.
  • When handling products, we require employees to wear masks and gloves at all time.
  • We ensure all inbound shipments, such as components or packaging materials, are safe to use by sanitizing them with UV lights and/or sanitizer. If sanitizing is not applicable, we keep those incoming components or packaging materials for at least 72 hours before using.
  • For employees who are required to work in the building, we require them to work alternating shifts to minimize contact and risk.
  • We require our employees who are unable to work from home to wear a mask and use a contact-less method or keep a safe social distance of a minimum 6 feet (or 1.8 meters), regardless of working hours, public transport or other necessary social activities.
  • We sanitize our work place at least once a day.

Production might become slower during this difficult timing, and even shipping may take longer because of government and flight controls. However, CommFront has taken every possible method to negotiate with its suppliers to ensure its smooth operation and timely delivery. Such methods include allocating its storage in its worldwide presences efficiently and being nearest to its clients, increasing stock levels for key product components so to avoid them from becoming obsolete, etc. If you have a large demand for your projects, please write to our sales department at or call our toll-free number 800-490-8578, and we will try our best to deliver the required products on time and make your project run smoothly. CommFront management continues to monitor the situation and improve its counter methods to ensure its smooth operation in its worldwide presences.

Should you have any questions or require any additional information, please feel free to write to us at or call our toll-free number 800-490-8578. Thank you!

CommFront Management Team