Why Choose CommFront

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Track Record Since launching its first award-winning product in 2005, CommFront has kept its promise of providing high-quality, high-performance yet simple enough products to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, including many industry leaders such as ABB, Boeing, Cisco, Fluke, Honeywell, and Johnson Control. Entered the converter market many years later, sourcing equivalent products from their 3rd-party overseas factory.
Products Most of CommFront products are rugged industrial grade designed specifically for interfacing with mission-critical equipment, such as industrial computers, PLC, SCADA, and HMI, etc. - whether in the field, server room, factory, control room, or fire command center. Just as there are many differences between industrial- and commercial-grade computers, the industrial- and commercial-grade converters differ in many ways, such as the level of circuit protection, temperature range and noise tolerance. Most importantly, true industrial-grade converters require rugged components and reliability-engineering designs for environmental factors, reliability, and durability; therefore, they are much more durable than commercial-grade converters, and the quality is much higher.  Mostly commercial grade or semi-industrial grade with cheaper and lower quality of components and designs. 
Certifications Strictly certified by world-class lab SGS and/or TUV. SGS and TUV are the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories [NRTLs] in North America (approved by Occupational Safety & Health Administrations [OSHA]) and the Notified Bodies in the European Union, the most meticulous and recognized certifying labs in the industry. No certifications. Some obtain certifications from SEM Test Compliance but claim under the name of TUV, without letting customers know that they are actually two different laboratories with totally different testing standards.
Quality Control Being a trusted ISO 9001:2015 certified brand (strictly certified by SGS/UKAS, cert no. SG12/04213), CommFront has developed a strict quality assurance system for its products and customer satisfaction, and it has achieved zero product recall since its inception. No product quality control.
Warranty 5 Years. If a rare malfunction should occur, we will replace the defective items without charge. 1 year - the legal minimum.
Guarantee 30-Day risk-free money-back guarantee - 100% satisfaction guaranteed. No return or refund.
Discounts Instant volume discounts for orders of 10 units or greater. Reseller discounts also available upon request. Fixed prices.
Distribution Channels CommFront products can be purchased from its secure online store or its worldwide distribution channels. Shipping costs and delivery time can be reduced dramatically. One location, much more expensive shipping costs and much longer delivery time.
Delivery U.S. customers normally receive their orders within 3 business days, or on the next business day with our optional FedEx overnight shipping. International orders take about 7 to 14 business days (standard free shipping) or 2 to 4 business days (optional express shipping). Typically 5 business days within U.S. and 2 to 4 weeks for international orders.
Online store Since March 7, 2016, our secure online store has become certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, this is important when handling customers' credit cards and it has become a norm for online shopping industries. Most of our competitors are not PCI DSS compliant and customers are taking risks of leaking their credit card information to 3rd parties.
Support 24/7 Support - we provide phone, livechat and email support during office hours; we also provide email support after office hours with quick turnaround. Only email support.