Serial & TCP/IP Software

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A data network does not consist only of hardware products; there are different types of software and protocols, and to make things even more complicated, many manufacturers have incorporated proprietary protocols for their devices. Integrating different devices and protocols within a data network is always the most challenging task for system integrators, firmware / software developers, and site engineers. With our powerful 232Anlayzer tools, controlling, monitoring, and debugging serial devices and high-level protocols have never been easier. The applications for our 232Analyzer tools range from the simplest loopback tests for both devices and serial data networks, to complicated protocol analysis and to sophisticated firmware and GUI software development. CommFront’s Serial-TCP software product (freeware) offers another ideal solution for merging serial communication protocols with modern TCP/IP communication, yielding benefits such as widely available infrastructures and greater distance, reliability, and speed.


Advanced Serial Protocol Analyzer

Most data networks are complicated, not just the hardware and network issues, but also the high-level protocols that devices use to communicate; and to make things even more complicated,
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